Watching and Feeding the Local Wildlife
We have been feeding the wildlife in our suburban garden near Wolverhampton for many years now. We wanted to know what wildlife was visiting our garden so over the years we have added a few cameras to record the comings and goings. We started with a black and white camera in a nest box but now we have a few colour network ip cameras, watching bird feeders, nest boxes and more recently a camera in a hedgehog house.
Squirrel Tweeter
Garden Bird Visitors
In an attempt to stop the local Squirrels attacking our Bird Feeder and eating all the food intended for the birds we installed a Squirrel Feeder and keep it topped up with peanuts. Recently I fitted the Squirrel Feeder with a camera and a miniture computer so that it can Tweet pictures of the Squirrels. Because the Squirrels move so fast most of the pictures are blurred but once in a while we get a great little picture.  
Nest Boxes
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